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    We the Sudin Consultancy Services are in the profession of providing Technical professional help and supports for loss making unit to convert them in to marginally profit making unit. Our area of operations and helping are as Sugar Industries, Dairy Industries, Chemicals Industries , Food Processing, Agro Base Projects, Oil Industry, Cotton Industry and Engineering different type of units etc.

    We have a strong team of Qualified and technically sound personals also we have a bond of people who are experts in economics and finance managements. Having though knowledge of course-wise analysis of can profit making units and having remedyle majors for converting such loss making or close down units into profitable unit with a guarantee of making the unit financial viable without any interruptions in their successful making.

    Our prime mission is to select such closed down units and offer in to new prospective enterprosers with all the technical help, professional assistance to such enterprosers and help him in all respect to rehabilitate such closed down units profitably and create their credibility with their bankers.

    We there for request you to kindly send us the list of such units whether SSI, MSI are LSI so us to enable to study the reasons of failures there units, there course- wish analysis and which ever will be well within control of converting into profit making units and by this we will be able to help the bankers also who have advance a sizable amount to such unit for the recovery of the same. In conversion of Sick Unit into healthy industry Sudin will pay active role of trusted organization with clear and transparent policies. From last 21 year we concentrated as a co-ordinator for sick units by providing raw materials as well as market for finished products. Sudin consultancy is established as a solution about every problem with sick industry. Purchase and sale of sick projects as well as hand over on lease basis to interested clients.

    Sudin is a team of qualified and well experienced engineers. Skilled and honest worker is a backbone of Sudin. Sick projects converted into new project with advance technology. Group of engineers and workers of Sudin is binding themselves for a quality service to maintain zero defect technology. By maintaining the zero defect technology Sudin must have achieve the global market level.

    Following are doing Under one Roof :

    1) Specialization :

    • Plant with Land & License – Sale / Purchase

    • Only Plant and Machinery - Sale / Purchase

    • Only Land and License - Sale / Purchase

    • Plant and Machinery - On Lease basis

    • Plant shifting and re-erection with commissioning

    2) New and Old structural Steel Supplier

    3) Real Estate - Industrial Land and Residential Land


 Sudin Consultancy